Looking for a way to draw attention to your brand or product? Stickers and labels are an easy and affordable way to do so!

You might be asking yourself, aren’t stickers and labels practically the same thing? Well, while they’re similar, there are some subtle differences that you should be aware of before placing an order.

Stickers are predominantly used to promote a business, for example, they might be attached to product packaging or bags and bear a business’ name and/or logo. Labels, while similar to stickers in that they are still adhesive, are generally used to identify and provide information about a product. For example, a label may contain information about a product’s manufacturer or safety hazards.

At Jiffy, we produce only the highest quality stickers and labels, using vibrant colours that are guaranteed to catch someone’s eye. Choose from a variety of shapes, sizes and specialty finishes for your sticker and label printing.

Here are only a few things that stickers and labels are suitable for:

  • Product packaging
  • Envelopes & parcels
  • Windows, doors and walls (e.g. opening hours at business entrance)
  • Product labels (e.g. labels for wine bottles or cosmetic products)
  • Safety / warning stickers and labels
  • Vehicles (e.g. bumper stickers)
  • Water bottles
  • Event and office stationary

Stickers and Labels

Vinyl Sticker

Gloss & Matte Paper Stickers


Vinyl stickers are renowned for being durable and strong, meaning they are less likely to fade or become damaged than some other types of stickers. This makes vinyl stickers particularly appropriate for use in harsh environments. For example, they are ideal for products that need to be refrigerated or for indoor or outdoor signage. Vinyl stickers are also incredibly versatile; they can be completely customised to suit your brand and marketing campaigns.  

Gloss and matte paper stickers are very popular amongst retail stores, and are often used to complement their products, promotional material and packaging. Gloss paper stickers are ideal for businesses seeking an eye-catching, sleek look, while matte paper stickers are more appropriate for those who want a more subtle, but elegant style.

A decal is essentially a type of decorative sticker that is generally designed for outdoor use. For example, decals are ideal when you want to apply promotional material to a vehicle or the windows and/or doors of your business.

If you do not have your own artwork, our team of graphic designers is available to assist you in creating an effective and unique label or sticker design for printing. There’s nothing more frustrating than ordering a promotional product which takes a lot of maintenance and effort, particularly as most businesses are too busy to deal with pesky issues like constantly replacing stickers or other promotional material.

At Jiffy Print, we are extremely proud to produce premium quality products that are durable and will withstand tough conditions, which is especially important if they are to be displayed outdoors. We are happy to take on any job, big or small, so contact our friendly team today for a quote.